cha·rette (n) : an intense period of design or planning activity

Remodeling doesn’t have to be so stressful

12% of divorces are attributed to Remodeling… A sad truth which reinforces the point that remodeling projects today are a disruptive process fraught with ambiguity. 

Today, the process to design, bid and remodel a home simultaneously challenges both the right (design, artistic) and left (facts, $) side of your brain. This may help explain why people struggle to visualize design changes while also lacking the transparency in pricing and specifications to conceptualize how the changes will impact overall price and quality. 

Finally, the absence of adequate contracts, which for most people will be the second largest purchase of their lifetime, further accentuates the uncertainty.

There’s an easier way!

Charet, powered by FideliumTech has developed an intuitive, 3D design platform which automatically updates project pricing, specifications and scope of work as changes are being made to the design. 

This gives you the ability to receive instant feedback and to make informed decisions based on the tradeoffs between design, material selection and cost. Simultaneously, construction documents, such as specifications, scope of work, project estimate and contracts are being produced, providing a detailed description of your vision.

Let us help you take the confusion and stress out of your residential design/build project by providing you with the transparency and insights which will allow you to make an informed decision based on what it most important to you!